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Sometines it is required to have a download available of your Portfolio. This article describes how to do just that.

What is it?

A portfolio can be used  to share with others how you education i smaking progress.

A downloaded copy of the portfolio can me uploaded into a compatible, other LMS or DLWO. It also can be send to a receiver who does not have access to this LMS.

How does it work?

Login atBlackboard;

Click on the chevron, right next to your name

Click “Tools” and “Portfolio”

In the next window, select the Portfolio you want to download.

Choose More and Download.

After some time, your portfolio is ready to be downloaded. The window shows the download option.  drbb-downloadportfolio3
The next window (on the right side) says it all. drbb-downloadportfolio4

Portfolio tonen

After opening (wheter or not by saving it first) the portfolio can be shown by opening the file “index.html”.


  • There may be limitations to the size of the (to be) downloaded ZIP file.

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