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A portfolio is a collection of digital documents called artefacts. This collection represents one or more achieved mile stones. There are many ways for a student to fill their portfolio(s). This article describes how to create one portfolio.

What is it?

A portfolio is created for a single purpose. Usually this purpose is: showing milestones in the progress of one’ s student carreer at Zuyd. Often, different people involved in that carreer request a different set of mile stones. Therefore more than one portfolio can be created. A portfolio consists of a selection of artefacts. But it is also possibe for your lecturers to have you fill out forms. Portfolios exists in many ways.In the subsection How does it work? you will be taken trough a step by step proces to create a portfolio.

In previous Blackboard versions there were Basic and Personal Portfolio’s. At Zuyd Hogeschool we only used the Basic version. In the current blackboard version (2015 Q4) both methods are combined to one. As a side effect, artefacts are no longer stored in the content collection but as a separate item in the portfolio itsself.

How does it work?

To create a portolio in Blackboard the following steps are necessary:

At the Blackboard Home page click the chevron next to your login name
Then choose Tools
Then choose Portfolio
The following page is a navigation window to access all portfolio options. There are 4 options.

My Portfolio’s
This button shows an overview of all portfolio’s created by you. The picture on the right shows that no portfolio’s have been created yet.
My Artefacts
Portfolio’s are assembled from artefacts. This button gives acces to these artefacts. In previous Blackboard versions these artefacts were stored in a Content Collection folder called My Content. But that is no longer the case. You can view the list or create new artefacts here.
Shared with me
When (fellow) students shared a portfolio with you, they are found here.
Portfolio templates
When you need to create multiple Portfolio’s and these Portfolio’s contain repeating content, you can create templates. In that way you avoid many unnecessary actions.


  • As for now, there are no known limitations