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Files you, at some point, uploaded into My Content, to show them in your Portfolio for example, can be downloaded again, of course. Even now we are starting to migrate to Moodle from Blackboard this feature can come in very handy to keep your most important documents safe. This article describes how you can download these items.

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What is it?

The Content System / The Content Collection is the place in Blackboard to store documents. They were uploaded by a user to serve a given purpose. Sometimes it is just for storage and to link to them from a portfolio but there are a number of other reasons one can think of. They always are stored in a part of the Content Collection called My Content. Uploaded documents by an Instructor are always stored in a container dedicated to a specific course. Only course members have access to that container. This article is about My Content.

It is obvious that uploaded documents to My Content also can be downloaded. This is necessary, for instance, when the original version of the document (stored on your PC) has been damaged and you want to replace that original version with the copy from My Content.

How does it work?

First of all it is necessary that you log intoBlackboard.

Then click the tab Content Collection and then on My Content. An overview is shown of all the file you once uploaded to My Content. If you want to download files from there you need ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to download 1 file?
  2. Do I want to download several files;
  3. Do I want to download all the files in My Content.

Every answer leeds to a different technique.

In case you want to download 1 file

you simply click otn the file you want to download. Your browser then asks you where you want to store this file. Some browsers (also deping on you r browser’s settings) save any file without asking in a local folder called Downloads.

In case you want to download several files

you could do that by repeating the above instructions several times, but it would be better to select the files you want to download. After making the selection you click the button called Download Package. Blackboard then creates a ZIP Package containing the files and offers them to you for download. Please bear in mind that a selection only is valid for the current page. When you browse to the next page, the current selection is lost.

When you want to download all the files from My Content

you do not need to select all the files individually, but it is sufficient to select the most top located check button.  After ticking that button you click the button Download Package. Blackboard then creates a ZIP Package containing the files and offers them to you for download.


Although it is technically possible to upload a downloaded package into a new Blackboard environment, for example when you are migrating content, it should not be done for Security reasons. A downloaded package is best unwrapped on a local system and files and folders are the processed individually.


  • At this moment there are no known limitations.

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