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In general it can be said that the Blackboard Basic Portfolio offers sufficient possibilities to use the E-Portfolio as a tool to register a student’s progress.

Wat is it?

The E-portfolio can be used to record the student’s progress regarding coaching activitities, academic competences, skills.

E-portfolios kan be structured to suite educational needs by using templates. Using templates,a student is able to create a portfolio in a short amount of time and have more time to focus on his/her learning experiences. Using a portfolio, it is not very difficult to share once progress with teacher, coaches, mentors, other student or even a whole  course or organizations within Blackboard.

The pros and cons of using a Blackboard Basic portfolio are:


  • Easy use of E-portfolio in a learning environment
  • The use of templates
  • Sharing the E-portfolio
  • Can be created quick and easily


  • Unsuitable for editing documents by others
  • Limited possibilities for Lay Out en advanced functionality
  • Only limited use of multi-medial content possible
  • Extended HTML knowledge required for advanced lay out

How does it work?

The E-portfolio ca be found in Blackboard within the Tab [Content] ->[My Portfolios].vansMPD


  • See Disadvantages

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