Using Blackboard Drive

It has been made possible to upload and download files to and from the Blackboard Content System from your OS Filesystem, simply by using your (windows) explorer. In addition to that, you can modify these files online. In this blog we will explain how to use Blackboard Drive after the client software has been installed on your computer. When working on a Zuyd managed computer the software is already installed. When working on your own computer, you will need to install Blackboard Drive yourself by following these instructions: Blackboard Drive downloaden en installeren (dutch only, for now, sorry).

What is it?

Like stated above, you can access your Blackboard Content System files through your File explorer by installing and using Blackboard Drive. This is an alternative to using the web interface.

A second way to gain access to your file through your File Explorer is explained in this clip.

How to use it?

The way Blackboard Drive works, is explained by describing a connection to “My Content in your Blackboard Content System”.

  1. Open Blackboard Drive through Start -> Programms -> Blackboard -> Blackboard Drive;
  2. Click the  + icon (left below, see image) to create a new connection to a new course;
    Een nieuwe connectie toevoegen
    Adding a new connection
  3. Give this new volume a name (e.g. “My Content in Blackboard Content System”);
  4. Give the URL where the content is located (in this case<BBgebruikersnaam>). You can retrieve a course’s URL by
    1. logging into BB;
    2. click TAB Content System;
    3. click menu option: Course Content;
    4. click course name;
    5. click ‘Webmap Instellen’ in the upper right corner;
    6. copy selected text in huidig webadres”.
  5. Give the username that you use to log in to Blackboard;
  6. Give the password the you use to log in to Blackboard;
  7. Optionally choose to let Blackboard Drive save the password;
  8. Click OK;
    De juiste instellingen
    The correct settings
  9. This new connection is shown in your list of available connections;
  10. Select one or more connections and click “Connect”;
    Verbinding maken
  11. Now, using your file explorer you will notice a new Drive, “My Content in Blackboard Content System”. You can now access this drive like any other drive in your computer’s file system, creating,  deleting, copying moveing files, etc. These changes are instantly shown in the webversion of your Content Collection.
  12. When you’ve finished working you can choose to Disconnect the drive from your system. If you choose not to the drive remains available for use.


Blackboard Drive has many more (advanced) options. Explore them to configure Blackboard Drive to fit your needs.



  • Naming drives in Blackboard Drive is limited tot Microsoft Windows Drive naming conventions;
  • Just like accessing the Content System through the web interface, a “double escape sequences” – error will occur when there forbidden characters in the uploaded filename. Characters like  + and & or % are not allowed.